Introducing the world's first Fully-Automatic EA
that trades the EXACT SAME WAY the banks do to make money in the volatile Forex market! In addition, we pride ourselves in providing quality in-depth education on the Meta Trader 4 platform.

The Bank Profits EA is a unique Forex robot that uses the same strategies of slow, consistent growth that the large banks utilize. Many systems out there make outrageous claims of 95-100% winning trades, which everyone knows is impossible. They lure you in with a small price and then as soon as you purchase, they proceed to upsell you "advanced upgrades" which can range from $400-$1,500 or more. If their EA's really worked, they wouldn't charge you so many times just to make their product "work better." On top of that, a lot of the EA's that you've seen charge a monthly or weekly fee for "updates"... again any real system shouldn't do that. here's what makes the Bank Profits EA different:

  • We use minimal risk because our EA is self hedging

  • We programmed this for slow steady growth to ensure preservation of capital

  • The Bank Profits EA gets in, collects 15-20 pips consistently and gets out

  • The Bank Profits EA will be consistent no matter the market conditions

Remember, the Forex Bank Profits EA is not being mass marketed to the general public, so in order for you to gain access you need either be previously invited or you need to send an email to: